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Our adventure in the commercial area began 4 years ago. From the beginning we have been creating a close and trustfull relationship with our costumers, by providing a personalized service that meets theirs needs. At this moment we work with companies from different kind of sectors, such as information technologies, home textiles, footwear among others.

Our main goal is to increase our customers' brands notoriety by increasing the sales in international markets.

We know that the road is long and difficult, but we believe that with our experience and know-how, we can help them to achieve that goal.

In the last years we have been working to create a qualified and highly professional international networking channel. Through our partners we have known several companies and generated business opportunities for our costumers. We have partners in the following countries:

- China;
- Turkey;
- Lebanon and Saudi Arabia;
- Greece;
- Serbia;
- Germany;
- Brazil.

We have already carried out some commercial actions in the international markets. The missions to Turkey in June 2014 and Germany in March 2016 were two of them.

Thus, we believe that we will be able to add value to your company, from our experience and the commercial dynamics already created.